John Cooper-Lara, CMCA, AMS, CAAM

Vice President of High Rise Division

John joined the Brown Community Management team in 2015 as General Manager of high-rise buildings in Central Phoenix before assuming his current role as Vice President of the High-Rise Division.

John began his career in Community Association Management in 2009, after 30-years as a construction entrepreneur and in retail management. John’s previous experience and service as a member of the Board of Directors, of a High-Rise community in which lived, gives him a unique understanding of high rise buildings and the needs of those in the residential community.  He believes that fostering a strong and well-trained residential services team leads to a staff that cares about and are proud of the work they do.  The end result is residents who feel their home is well cared for, and improved property values for the owners within the community.

John has focused his educational training in Community Association Management specifically on the mid-rise/high-rise communities. With his extensive retail and construction experience and serving as a community association manager, John provides a unique perspective of the needs of a Mixed-Use and Luxury Condominium association including governance, board leadership, reserve planning, building infrastructure maintenance and large-scale project management. John is dedicated to building strong communities and affectively leading the best High-rise Management Team in Arizona.