Why Brown Community Management (BCM) ?

If you are looking for a HOA management company to handle your community in the greater Phoenix area, we know you have options. But after 20 years in the association management business in Arizona, we’ve seen many management companies come and go, and many mistakes made. We believe that Brown Community Management (BCM) is the right choice, and this is why…

A Snapshot

Here’s a quick snapshot of what BCM offers our clients; if you’re looking for more info, the devil is in ‘The Detail’ below:


Local ownership, management, support and dedication to our clients


Community focus


An extensively trained community management team


Complimentary HOA board member education


Intelligent solutions that can deliver significant savings


Proven track record supported by office metrics that measure and reward employees for excellent customer service


State-of-the-art computerized accounting, service order, violation and tracking systems


20 years’ experience managing communities consisting of single family homes, luxury high-rises, active adult communities, master-planned communities, condominiums, town homes, co-ops and commercial condominiums


Account Recovery Solutions collection program


Customized solutions that make a real difference for homeowner associations.

The Detail

Looking for  details…? Click on the topics below to see what truly sets BCM apart from other HOA management companies in the greater Phoenix area:

  1. Team Training & Education

    All BCM community managers have their CAAM (Certified Arizona Association Manager) designation. This designation is earned only after completing an extensive program through AACM, the Arizona Association of Community Managers. The program consists of ongoing ethical, financial, legal, and managerial courses which guarantee that our managers properly represent and advise you in community matters. It’s the only state-specific educational program in Arizona for community managers.

    A comprehensive continuing education program helps our community managers stay up-to-date on industry trends and changes in legislation through regular seminars and classes. In addition to the AACM designation, our Training and Education curriculum includes:

    • MIT Program – Community managers undergo rigorous training through our Manager-In-Training Program which covers customer service, management, financials and organization.
    • CAI – The following designations are available through Community Associations Institute. CMCA (Certified Manager of Community Associations); AMS (Association Management Specialist) and PCAM (Professional Community Association Manager), the highest designation in the HOA industry.
    • Educational Seminars – Our Community Managers participate in seminars hosted by The Leadership Centre and other professional HOA service providers, such as attorneys and CPAs.
    • Lunch ‘n’ Learn Program – We partner with vendors to educate our team on their industries. Changes in building codes, water infiltration, semi-public pool legislation, water saving techniques and solar/green power are some of the topics covered in our weekly program.
    • Other – Within our organization we offer inter-departmental training, interactive, software and community website training, education on new technology and services, and how-to programs.
  2. HOA Board Member Training & Education

    We provide complimentary educational seminars for our Board members to help them better understand their roles as leaders of their communities. We believe an educated Board will always make the best decisions for their community. These seminars are a great opportunity for Board Members to better understand the importance of their individual roles, gain valuable knowledge, further enhance our partnership and get to know the other members of their Community Team. Our Board Member Training Programs include, but are not limited to:

    • Understanding Your Role as a Member of the Board of Directors
      • Enforcing your governing documents
      • The importance of being reasonable and objective
      • Preserving, protecting, maintaining and enhancing your common areas
      • Understanding your fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interests of your Association
      • Being prepared for your meetings
    • Lunch and Learn
      • Our vendors are an important part of our team – without great vendors, we can’t provide great service. We partner with vendors to educate Board Members about their industries.
    • Long-Term Planning
      • Strategic planning is important to the long-term success of an association. We provide long-range planning to our communities during our annual strategy meetings.
  3. Intelligent Solutions Impact HOA Bottom Lines

    With just a few small changes, a lot can happen. Here are a few examples of where our ‘common sense to community management’ approach saved these associations thousands.

    • Landscape – One association changed landscape companies, maintaining landscape expectations with a specialized vendor, while implementing a solid financial plan for reserve funding. BCM saved the association $17,000 in landscape, plus $1,800 in janitorial services. By adding these savings to a small increase in assessments, the reserve funding contributions went from $3,000 to $25,000.
    • Vendor Change – A previously self-managed community joined the BCM family, but wanted to maintain their established vendor relationships. An electrical repair was needed and their electrician quoted $8,000. Our manager believed the quote to be high, so he contacted a proven BCM vendor. A new quote was provided: $500. This shows the importance of our professional vendor relationships, and the buying power those relationships bring to our communities.
    • Trash/Recycling – Our BCM manager noticed trash/recycling was collecting in the parking areas and driveways of a community. Small, blue recycling barrels throughout the community were emptied only once per week. As a result, the trash overflowed. Our manager discussed the situation with the vendor who suggested changing the barrels for larger recycling dumpsters. Not only did the community save almost $2,500 per year, the appearance of the community greatly improved.
    • Lighting/Security – A BCM manager, conducting a night tour, noticed an inconsistency in the lighting which affected the appearance and security of the community. She discovered a variation in the light bulbs wattages due to changes over the years. She implemented a community-wide lighting change that involved over 350 lights/fixtures. The bulbs were replaced with CFLs and LEDs which immediately improved appearance, as well as the safety and security of residents and visitors, and that, over time, will save the community a substantial amount of money in energy costs.
  4. Advanced Technology

    Our advanced technology system, ” Village Connection”, is an optional community specific website used for tracking and reporting. The system links accounting, enforcement, collections and community websites to one another, accessible via smart phones and tablets. Here are some of the features your community will enjoy with ” Village Connection”:

    • Community Websites
    • Community Alert
    • Financial Reports
    • Owner Payment History
    • Owner Compliance Violation History
    • Service Requests/Work Orders
    • Community Reservations: Clubhouse Rental, Tennis Court, etc.
    • Newsletters

    If you’d like more detail on our technology and systems, visit our services page or contact us.

  5. Homeowner Care - Pre-Legal Collections

    One of our strengths is providing effective collections services with a focus on net recoveries. We have developed a cost-effective and process driven recovery program which maximizes our clients’ return on delinquent homeowner accounts. Our Pre-Legal Collections program we call Homeowner Care is a proven solution that prevents small delinquency issues from becoming legal collection problems.

    Homeowner Care includes a series of letters that includes a Reminder Letter, Late Notice, Intent to Lien, Notice of Lien, and Demand Letter. The program also includes personal contact with homeowners via outbound calls and e-mails. In order to ensure we have the most accurate contact information we subscribe to skip tracing services that provide additional addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses.

    All cost to the association connected with this program are added to the homeowner’s ledger for reimbursement.

    If you would like more information about Homeowner Care, please contact us.

  6. Reserve Studies & Long Term Planning

    A Reserve Study is carried out by an independent vendor that projects the needs of each community for the next 30 years. Our Community Managers use these studies to facilitate the long term planning needs of each community. Is the clubhouse air conditioner likely to need replacing in 10 years time? Will the community need painting within 5 years? All these scenarios need to be planned for financially.

  7. Community Focused

    At Brown Community Management, we don’t just manage our communities, we become part of those communities. Whether it’s getting involved in local community events, or giving back to the wider community, we maintain close, personal relationships with our clients and their communities. That’s why we have one of the highest retention levels in the industry, including our very first community that is still with us, 20+ years on.

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We could keep suggesting reasons why you should choose Brown, but we think you’ll figure it out for yourself. To put your association in the hands of a community management team that cares, contact us today to learn more.